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A2z Termination Rate Sheet

A2z Termination Rate Sheet

Features Overview

RFc Bandwidth Optimizer (RBO) is a "Point-To-Multi Point" bandwidth
optimization technology for VoIP Communication. Using loss less compression
technology it can reduce bandwidth usage up to 80% and reduce cost
significantly and still maintain superior voice quality.

• RBO can make equipments working from NAT and Behind NAT. So it works from
  real and/or private ip; static and/or DHCP. It works with WIMAX, Wi-Fi, 3G internet
  to make dream come true and to give flexibility of doing VoIP from anywhere,
  Both origination and termination; bandwidth is not a problem anymore.

• Generally, per E1 bandwidth consumption with G.729 Codec is 936 Kbps (31.2 Kbps per call, Cisco Standard) and with G.723 its 657 Kbps (21.9 Kbps per call, Cisco Standard). RBO can reduce consumption to

• 255 Kbps per E1 (8.5 Kbps per call) with G.729 Codec

• 180 Kbps per E1 (6 Kbps per call) with G.723 Codec

• 150 Kbps per E1 (5 Kbps per call) with G.729 Codec with Silence Suppression enabled

• Optimize bandwidth usage upto 80% on VOIP calls.

• RBO reduces bandwidth utilization without compromising voice quality. Rather, it can
  increase Average Call Duration (ACD) up to 1 minute and decrease Post Dial Duration
  (PDD) up to 2 seconds resulting faster call setup.

• Support for any type of SIP termination gateways.

• Use it from Flash/Pen drives, USB HDD etc.

• Better voice quality with improved stats.

• Balance Check From Portal.

• Test Dial (Route Check).

• SIM Block Solution.

• Highest level of service guaranteed.

• Very competitive price then others company.