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A2z Termination Rate Sheet

A2z Termination Rate Sheet

RBO Pricing Overview

Lower price doesn't always mean lower quality of service. This true for the bandwidth saver service for VOIP termination market as well. RBO has established itself at the top of the bandwidth optimization for VOIP termination service providers with its great service, support and very much competitive pricing.RBO offers very much competitive and flexible pricing plans for VOIP termination providers with highest level of service quality. Our cost effective pricing plans help the users to maximize their profit.

RBO Softswitch Pricing

    Channels Price In Dollar   Price In BDT
  16 Channels       $ 50   ৳ 4,000
  24 Channels     $ 75   ৳ 6,000
  32 Channels     $ 100   ৳ 8,000