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RFc USB Gateway (RGW)

A highly affordable GSM VoIP gateway can be obtained using Huawei E173X or compatible Huawei USB modems and RGW Solution, providing both inbound and outbound calls on GSM/3G networks.

RGW is able to work with many different USB modems from Huawei, such as E173X, K3715, E169 / K3520, E155X, E175X, K3765 and others. Read the full compatibility list click here.

Not all Huawei USB modems work out of the RGW, on some of them voice calling capability has to be enabled first, some need to be upgraded with the latest firmware. Details on this contact with our support team.

Before connecting the modem to your HUB, be sure to use a power supply rated at least 1A, better 1.2A or more. If your power supply does not provide enough current to power the modem, you can get problems calls to/from the GSM network fail with error "Port disconnected".

Before inserting the SIM into your modem please deactivate the PIN on your card. This can be done with any phone. Insert the SIM into your phone, deactivate PIN and you're done. You can also use the Mobile Partner software - which comes with the modem itself - on a Windows computer to do this.

Now do VoIP Termination Business with cheap cost. "No Need any GSM Gateway Machine" we will help you to establish your Termination Business by our solution. We have made RFc USB Gateway, its user friendly web interface, to build it need below equipment.

• Dual-core or higher Computer

• compatible USB Modem

• compatible USB HUB With Power suppoly

• RGW Software

RGW Features

• "Dashboard" In Dashboard You will see your all USB Dongle status with all details.

• "CDR" Here you will see all your call record with Full Details eg. "Total Duration" "ACD"
  "ASR" & may more.

• "Active Calls" here will be your all USB dongle Active Call Details.

• "LBC & Port Block" This is the most interesting & unique part of our solution it will be
   helps you to block your Port when there is low balance.

• "USSD" This part is for sending USSD & Check Port Balance.

• "Send SMS" This part is for sending sms by our Web-Interface.

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